my big.

A boy recently came to live down the street from me. He’s had a tough life, but things are better for him now. He plays the piano like your friend. I often hear his music wafting from an open window, where a small yellow bird sits. Sometimes I cry when I hear it. But mostly … Continue reading my big.


Such a simple word that holds so much weight to it. Beautiful. It reminds me of the hymn my church used to sing when I was growing up: How beautiful the hands that served The wine and the bread And the sons of the earth How beautiful the feet that walked The long dusty roads … Continue reading beautiful.


I am fresh off a weekend of filming in 30 degree weather for a film called “The Brotherhood” written by a dear friend; Wade Byington and directed by both Wade and Rankin Dean. We filmed one of the final scenes which I’m sure counts as one of the most intense scenes in the film. It … Continue reading intensity